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meals on wheels western michigan chef's specialty event feature chef tommy fitzgerald

Carrier Law – Community Sponsor for Chef’s Specialty

Meals on Wheels of Western Michigan held their 5th Annual Chef’s Specialty benefit featuring Chef Tommy FitzGerald and Honoring Mayor Steve Maas of Grandville. The theme this year was Don’t Gamble on Hunger with a cooking demonstration, strolling reception, casino games, silent auction and raffles. The event Emcee was Shelly Irwin, MOWWM Board Member and host of the WGVU Morning Show. Brewster Hamm, CEO, shared the vision for MOWWM and the importance of keeping seniors...

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samantha sprague and beth griffin at Mattawan Lion's Club Senior & Veteran's Expo

Carrier Law’s Samantha Sprague Visits Portage-area Senior Events

Attorney Samantha Sprague was busy this week! She caught up with Representative Beth Griffin at the Mattawan Lion's Club Senior & Veteran's Expo. It is the largest event for seniors and veteran’s in the Mattawan area with businesses and service organizations present to discuss the various services they provide to the senior and veteran community. Then it was on to the Portage Senior Center Bits of Business Expo. This annual mini-expo brought together over 20...

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A Fun Afternoon of Bingo at Northview Senior Center

Carrier Law was the proud sponsor of the Northview Senior Center bingo. The crowd managed their cards as the caller shouted out the numbers. The prizes were varied and sought after! They were treated to gourmet "snacks" lovingly prepared by Monica Pritchard, COO. Kris Cleary and Mindy Hossler of Carrier Law pitched in to help confirm winners of each game. A delightful afternoon was had by all! ...

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HIPAA Carrier Law

HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Carrier Law has added to its Estate Planning and Elder Law arsenal of tools a HIPAA authorization in accordance to the Health Insurance and Accountability Act’s provisions. What is HIPAA? HIPAA is an abbreviation for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”. In 1996, Congress enacted HIPAA to protect individually identifiable health care information from being disclosed to an unauthorized individual. In 2002, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) finalized standards for the electronic exchange, privacy...

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How to talk to your kids about your estate plan

by Bill Bereza, Associate Attorney My dad was sure that he was going to live to 100. He was born the year after his parents bought the family farm, and he always talked about getting the farm into Michigan’s Centennial Farm Program. Planning for death or incapacity was never on his mind. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he kept on going as normal. He was still working on the farm the week before he went...

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Passing away without Will Estate Grand Rapids Michigan

What happens to your Estate if you die without a will?

by Molly Black, Director of Legal Services If a Michigan resident dies without a will, otherwise known as dying intestate, the intestacy laws under the Estates and Protected Individuals Code ("EPIC") dictate who will inherit the property of the decedent. This provides for an inflexible pattern of distribution which may not distribute your assets according to your wishes. The highest priority is given to their surviving spouse, followed by their descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren), parents, and...

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Questions for New Parents Young Children Grand Rapids Michigan

3 Critical Questions about Estate Planning that Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

by Samantha Sprague, Attorney CONGRATULATIONS! Becoming a parent is an amazing experience. One thing you should be accustomed to by now is asking questions. Sometimes you get a lot of ‘answers’ to questions you may not have even known to ask. Whether you're brand new to the parenting gig, or have several years under your belt, below are 3 common questions that every parent should consider. 1. What happens if I can’t make my own choices? Self-care is important,...

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Estate Planning Grand Rapids MI

If you’re looking for an estate planning attorney in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, you can contact Carrier Law. Most individuals put off estate planning since it’s not the most pleasant topic, but it’s best to take on the responsibility early in order to protect your loved ones. When you come to Carrier Law, we guide you through the process to develop the best plan for your needs and situation. Our experienced estate planning attorneys are...

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The Carrier Law Story

Every clean dish neatly stacked. Every newspaper carefully placed at the front door. David Carrier developed a work ethic early on that was about getting the job done right and quickly. “It wasn’t about making the other dishwashers look bad. It was about having a job to do and doing what it took to do it right.” At the University of Notre Dame, David found time to study, wait tables, serve drinks, deliver pizzas and train to...

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